Release your TYPO3 extension from GitHub to TER

This mini-site is a service which lets you release a GitHub repository containing a TYPO3 extension directly from GitHub to the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). New releases are made every time a new version is tagged on GitHub. Free to use.



  1. Edit your repository's settings
  2. Locate the "Webhooks & Services" tab
  3. Click "Add webhook"
  4. Enter in "URL": https://username:[email protected]/my_extension.
  5. Enter in "Secret": typo3rocks
  6. Leave the "Events" selection as it is - this service only requires the push event.


This service does not automatically update the TYPO3 extension meta data. When you create new releases you must update your ext_emconf.php and possibly composer.json file and set the appropriate version number and stability. You can then commit these changes and use that commit as tag base.

New releases can be made in any branch name - all that is needed is for you to create and push a new Git tag:

git tag 1.2.3
git push origin 1.2.3

If all went well a small comment will be posted to GitHub and associated with the commit.

Detailed feedback

Under the "Webhooks & Services" section in your repository's settings, click the webhook URL and a list of recent requests will be displayed. Click each request to inspect the data that GitHub sent and the response that this service returned.

If any errors are reported from TER during upload (for example invalid constraints) you can view those errors there.